It’s my turn to tell 8 things about myself

I was tagged by Freek so I’ll do what is expected from me.

1. I was born in Sint-Gillis-Waas, a tiny little urban village in the north of Belgium, such a village where nothing ever happens…

2. My father had a greenhouse (1 acre) full of tomatoes all year round. So my main occupation during holidays was hard labour. Luckily my brother studied bio-technology so he could take over the greenhouse and I could finally say goodbye to all the physical work and start in computer science.

3. I have to be thankful to my brother, because it is due to his idea of buying a ZX-Spectrum that I got involved in computer science. It started from basic over assembler (I almost wrote a complete pac-man game in it), C and then finally Oracle.

4. I worked for 3 years at Oracle Belgium, from 1994 until 1996, as education instructor. When I entered the building for the first time, I had never heard of Oracle. When I went out 3 years later, I had a very big knowledge of Oracle DBA. That were the main courses I gave. In fact, at the end giving courses was the only thing I was allowed to do, week in, week out, so you may understand why I finally left the company.

5. I am very proud on my 2 kids, 2 boys of 4 and 6 years old. They already discovered my computer at home, they can enter passwords, start up the browser and find online games on the net. I have no idea what that will give in 10 or 20 years…

6. I now live in Bertem, close to Brussels, but again it is a very urban village with a lot of old farms, fields, the church in the middle and a pub next to it. However I like the nature. My house is the last in the street, with only a farm behind it, cows next to my garden en horses at the opposite side of the street.

7. I have to admit that my main, almost my only hobby, is IT. My evening is split in two parts. In part one the kids are still awake and all my time and attention has to go to them. In part 2 I usually sit on my desk doing some more Oracle stuff, maintain DBA-Village or try out some new feature, etc.

8. Officially I am a senior dba, but on top of that I am half a developer as well. At university my thesis was a programming task in C, my civil service I did in a hospital programming for echographic images, I wrote the whole dba-village site in plsql and now I get more and more affection for Apex. I’ll write post one of these days about a nice project I recently did in Apex, i.e. a remote database monitoring tool.

Let me tag Bjorn Naessens, a colleague dba who doesn’t work at Uptime yet very long, so I am sure he has things to tell we don;t know about yet.


2 Responses to It’s my turn to tell 8 things about myself

  1. visitor says:

    You wrote dba-village in plsql.You mean oracle application server?

    • pier00 says:

      Not really iAS. It is written in plain plsql using htf and htp packages, and in front of it is Oracle HTTP server with mod_plsql.

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